Salty Foot Fizzy (Fruit Medley)

This Fruit Medley (salty foot fizzy) is Super sweet, bright and juicy along the lines of pomegranate - bright, fresh, purple with notes of greens. We ONLY use pure oils, rich butters and salts in our foot fizzy.
Fruit Medley (salty foot fizzy) (4.0 oz)

Ingredients:  water, Sodium Bicarbonate, Goat Milk, Colloidal Oatmeal, Citric acid, Polylobate 80, Sunflower Oil, Fruit Medley Fragrance oil.

Who doesn't love a warm foot bath, especially on a chilly morning or after a long day at work. Glam it up with a Foot Fizzy! These are made with wonderful salts and therapeutic Fragrance oils. Best of all, no measuring! Just drop a fizzy into your foot bath and feel the stress evaporate.

Each fizzy has The Fragrance oils of Fruit Medley, known to soothe. 

This listing is for one bag of 6 Foot Fizzy. They are packaged as show Each fizzy is individually wrapped for maximum freshness. 

 DIRECTIONS: Drop a fizzy into a foot bath filled with warm water. It will bubble and fizz for short time, release the fragrance oils.

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