Poison Ivy Soap

This soap is the perfect combination of pure soap no fragrance made with Double infused jewelweed oils and for extra skin benefits Goat milk. It is the Urushiol that Jewelweed removes from your skin which is what causes a rash.
Poison Ivy Soap (3.5 oz) Ingredients: Coconut, Palm, Sunflower, Castor oils, Goat Milk, No fragrance, Jewel Weed, Kaolin clay and natural color This ultra nourishing and skin loving Poison ivy Goat Milk Soap is made on a humanely run family farm. The scent of this soap is all natural And feels so amazing on the skin with it's rich creamy lather. Your skin is left gently cleansed, nourished. Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids which work to remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface, revealing new skin cells that are smoother and younger looking! The goat milk also moisturizes your skin. Why use handmade soaps? Our handcrafted artisan soap is a pure, clean, unusually gentle and moisturizing product. It is hand made in small batches using high quality oils, butters, and many other natural ingredients. I cure all my soaps for at least four weeks to ensure they are long lasting and great quality. Your bar will come professionally wrapped and labeled and will weigh about 3.5 oz to 4.0 oz This goats milk soap is a wonderful option for buying bulk soap for personal use, party favors or gifting purposes. Please help your soap last longer by keeping it dry in between uses. I hope you enjoy this soap as much as I enjoyed making it and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING MY SITE!
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