In our economical 4.0 oz. jar. It smells just like dried buds that you have rolled in your palms or fingers, its so authentic you won't believe it. Our Lavender sugar scrub is a bold yet fresh smelling soothing. If you are looking for a true, lavender this is it.
Lavender (4.0 oz)

Ingredients: Natural Sugar, Coconut and Sunflower oils ,emulsifying wax, steric acid, phenonip, beeswax, Lavender Essentials oil, Natural colors

This listing includes one, 4 oz  jar of scrub.

All natural sugar scrubs made at home, hand stirred and poured with lots of love and care. It contains the best fragrance oils, butters and ingredients.
These scrubs are made to wake you up in the morning. The scent is not overwhelming but will last all day.

The combination of gritty (but not harsh) exfoliates and soothing, moisturizing oils makes you feel clean, stimulates and invigorates your skin, and moisturizes all at the same time. Like a spa in a jar! Wonderful as a foot scrub but frankly we use them all over, including our faces. They work great for dry winter skin but we love them to get our grungy, garden-dirty bodies clean in the summer too.

We are addicted to scrubs; we admit it. But they feel so good! 

warning: men and kids love these too, so if you think you get to savor this pleasure by yourself, chances are, you're wrong.

Directions: scoop a small amount of scrub out of the jar and apply to wet skin in a circular motion, rinse well.  .
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